How to do Cloud Backup

what is cloud backup and How to do Cloud Backup?

I know you are so excited to know about cloud backup. Today I am gonna share with you how to do cloud backup and our recommendations. Cloud Backups are essential to use if you don’t want to pull your hair when your hard drive crashes. It could be a Million dollar loss for somebody. We will discuss it step by step.

What is Cloud Backup?

Cloud Backup is the best tool to use for storing and protecting your essential data. It protects your data by encrypting the files and storing them on a cloud server. When the files are on the server, you can access them from anywhere. Cloud servers help to end your fear of losing your data if anything happens to your hard drive or the device itself. There is a detailed guide about how to do Cloud backup for your device.

Benefits of Cloud Backup

If you’re just a beginner in cloud backups, you don’t have much to worry about. Cloud backup is convenient for its ease of use and flexible management. Of course, there are several cloud backup service provider. But, they all share a common goal- protecting your data and storing them for you.

Here are some of the benefits of using cloud backup-

1. Data Encryption

Cloud backup encrypts data from your end and stores them to its servers. Only you will have the encryption key and no one can access the files other than you, not even the cloud storage company. You can’t get more security for your files than that!

2. Easy Access

Storing your data in cloud servers let you access them from anywhere. You just need a device and internet connection. No need to run to office for that important file on your PC!

3. Virtual Storage

Storing important files and data on hard drives is not secured at all. Other than a hard drive crash, anything could happen to your physical location and you could end up losing the device itself. By using the cloud your data will be stored virtually which will tear the strings to a single device.

4. Simple to Use

Most of the cloud backup services are automatic and extremely easy to use. With just a few taps or clicks, you can access or even restore your essential data.

5. Affordable Service

Cloud backup doesn’t cost much considering its service. With only a few hundred dollars per year, you can avail the feature to store and protect your files.

Top 5 Best Cloud Backup Services for Beginners

As you’re just a beginner in cloud backup, you don’t need a lot of features other than just storing and protecting your data; and these won’t cost much. Let’s see what cloud backup service providers are there to help you.

1. Backblaze

  • Flexible management
  • No limit on data
  • Auto throttle and thread
  • No limit on speed
  • Can be restored through mail
  • Free restoration feature of hard drive
  • 30-day rollback
  • $6/month (per user)
  • $60/year (per user)
  • $110/year (per user)

2. IDrive

Don’t get confused with the ‘I’! It’s not from Apple, although it will sync data from Mac, Windows, Android, or iOS. It also provides special feature to save your data from ransomware. All these features will not cost you much to avail.

  • Versioning and Snapshots
  • Backups from multiple devices
  • Automatic file syncing
  • Extremely fast to use
  • Convenient usability
  • Easy restoration
  • Basic – Free – 5 GB Data
  • Personal – $52.12/year (per user) – 5 TB Data
  • Team – $74.62/year (5 users) – 5 TB Data
  • Business – $149.62/year (Unlimited users) – 500 GB

3. Carbonite

Carbonite cloud backup comes with plenty of essential features that you need. You can store data from 25 business computers using Carbonite. You’ll have secured login info and only you can access the data using the credentials.

  • Encryption of 128-bit
  • Access remotely
  • HIPAA, GLBA, FERPA supports
  • Recovery from Ransomware
  • Administration control and central management
  • 25 computer backups
  • $6/month – 1 to 3 computers
  • $24/month – Up to 25 computers
  • $50/month – Computers and Servers

4. CrashPlan Pro

If you own a growing business, CrashPlan Pro is one of the best cloud backup services for you to use. All of your business information will be stored securely in their servers and you can stop worrying about them anymore.

  • Easy to use
  • No limit on storage
  • Data can be recovered from Ransomware
  • AES encryption of 256-bit
  • Protection of external drive
  • Data restoration
  • Smart protection feature
  • $10/month (per computer)
  • Offers customizable plans for businesses

5. SOS Online Backup

SOS Online Backup is another cloud backup service suitable for business owners. Using this cloud backup, you can store your data from all of your devices without having to select them. It covers all of your devices including mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

  • Highly secured and encrypted
  • Backup service from all types of devices
  • Easy data restoration
  • Safe from Ransomware
  • Perfect for business owners
  • $4.99/month – 50 GB
  • $9.99/month – 150 GB
  • $20.99/month – 500 GB
  • $39.99/month – 1 TB
  • $159.99/month – 5 TB

6. OpenDrive

OpenDrive is an excellent cloud backup service that is perfect for both personal and business use. But, it’s a bit pricey than other services which makes it go down on this lit a bit. The features it offers are no less than any other good cloud backups.

  • Highly secured and stable bandwidth
  • Convenient backup
  • Data encrypting and versioning
  • Notepad and task list creation and sharing
  • Integrates with any operating systems or devices
  • Free – 5 GB
  • Personal – $9.95/month (per user) – Unlimited Data
  • Custom – $5/month (per user) – 25 GB Data per Day

Cloud Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is taking over the market rather faster than anticipated. And cloud backup agencies are not going to fall behind in this journey! The following 5 cloud backup companies offer affiliate programs.

1. CloudWays

2. RockSpace

3. Just Cloud

4. Livedrive

5. SugarSync

Before choosing the best cloud, keep in mind the factors that you consider to be essential. Price is one of the factors that need to be kept in mind along with the number of devices and users. If you own a business, then you need to go for a service that offers enterprise plans. Most of the cloud backup companies offer customizable plans for enterprises. Free accounts can also be availed if you don’t need to store much data. Hope our guide to the cloud for beginners was helpful! There is another article about ransomware protection you can check out the post from here.

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