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Top 5 Ransomware Protection Pro Tips for 2021

Ransomware protection is common stuff for a person who uses a computer. We often encounter ransomware attacks that completely cripple our computers or capture our secret information from those who are working behind the attack. Today I am gonna share with you the best ransomware protection method.

Introduction to Ransomware Protection

Ransomware is a type of malware, and the reason behind its naming is quite interesting. Ransomware is a specific type of malware that’ll affect your device and its programs. However, unlike regular malware that can be removed more or less easily, ransomware is a bit different.

The people behind the ransomware that affected your computer or another electronic device will ask for cash, and they’ll promise that they’ll remove the ransomware from your computer in return.

However, in most cases, they don’t remove anything, and you’ll be left with a broken computer and thousands of dollars lost. One of the most famous ransomware attacks were the GandCrab attack of 2018. It relied on VBScript, PowerShell, and MS Office macros to enter a certain system by avoiding detection. They also accessed people through phishing emails. For each computer affected, they asked money ranging from $500 to $600. Within a month, they affected thousands of devices, and they earned millions of dollars out of them

Types of Ransomware:

There are two types of ransomware mainly. Let’s take a look at those.

1.     Locker Ransomware:

This is the type of ransomware that’ll log you out of your computer. It makes the operating system of your computer completely inaccessible, which is why it’s very deadly. If your computer gets affected by one of this ransomware, it’ll be tough for you to get rid of it.

2.   Encrypting Ransomware:

This is the type of ransomware that encrypts your files with some secret key, so it gets very tough to decrypt those files. However, if the police or the intelligence service can manage to get hold of the key, the decryption gets very easy.

As you can see, it’ll be very tough for you to restore your computer to its former self if you get affected by ransomware. So, prevention is far better than cure. Let’s look at a few ways through which you can prevent ransomware from affecting your computer.

How to Prevent Ransomware Attack?

If you want to keep your computer safe from ransomware, this is what you need to follow:

 Don’t Click Email Links:

It is the primary task of ransomware protection. Most of the time the ransomware attacks come from emails. They fabricate a really interesting email that’s supposed to appeal to you, and their target is to make you click the link they provide. Once you click the provided link, you’re a goner.

This is why we highly recommend that you don’t click on any email sent from an unknown source. Sometimes, these emails might also claim to be reputed companies. However, if you look closely, you’ll find some faults in the email, and there will be some irregularities.

So, we highly recommend that you don’t click on email links unless you have to.

Double Check Who’s Sending You the Text:

Sometimes these cybercriminals will attack you using the name of your friends or close associates. With the development of social media, this has become far easier than before. However, if you get any fishy email from any of your friends or associates, then you should ask them and verify whether it was them who had sent the email. If otherwise, don’t click on that email.

The same goes for your friends and associates. If they get an email from you, they must ask you about it before clicking on any link.

Keep Your Software Up-to-Date:

Even though the most basic anti-virus software will be capable of handling and blocking any ransomware, there’s no saying that they won’t be upgraded any time. So, updating all the security solutions to their latest version can always help you deal with the latest ransomware easily. This is why we highly recommend keeping your security programs updated.

Disable Windows Powershell:

Windows Powershell is kind of like the more advanced and powerful version of the command prompt. There are certain things that the command prompt doesn’t allow you to control. However, the Powershell will allow you to control these things.

There are many ransomware and another type of malware that can leverage the power of Windows Powershell to their advantage. If you don’t use Powershell much, or whenever you aren’t using it, you should keep it disabled. In this way, you can prevent potential ransomware attacks.

Backup Your Data:

No, you don’t have to back up everything on your computer. However, we highly recommend backing up important files and documents. You can back your data up in cloud storage, or you can use a separate hard disk to save the backup of your important files.

Nowadays, cloud storage services have become very reliable and available. You’ll find lots of affordable options there.

At last, We can say that Ransomware is very tough to deal with if they attack you. However, it’s quite easy to prevent these attacks. If you follow the instructions mentioned above, you’ll be able to prevent ransomware attacks easily.

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